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Bridge re­hab­ili­tation without road closure

2012 saw work commence at the Brüttisellen freeway interchange on the rehabilitation and raising of four composite reinforced-concrete bridges (183 m and 85 m in length). Major differential settlement had set up considerable stresses in the bridge superstructure. This meant raising the bridges by up to 15 cm, which in turn entailed extensive carriageway works. The bridge rehabilitation also included the systematic modification and strengthening of the steelwork so as to improve structural stability in line with current standards. The final project phase, was completed in 2014 and involved the renewal of the anticorrosion finishes. The design and site supervision were handled by the GWBP consortium, in which the Gruner Group acted as lead manager. Two-lane traffic flows had been maintained in either direction throughout the construction period. With daily traffic volumes of around 130,000 vehicles, this had proved a challenging task.